We, MILANESE, are always be an ENERGETIC Team:

Extra Care
Bring smiles and conveniences "making things easy" to our customers. Work with our hearts.

Need for Innovation and Proactive
Continue to find new ways to be effective and efficient in everything we do without compromising the quality and value of our products. At the same time; anticipating the challenges that may come.

Excellence and Dedication
Promise to give the best and dedicate ourselves fully to the company and willing to work the extra mile to achieve our goal.

Delivered anything as we promised, consistently.

Good Corporate Governance
Strongly believe in practicing high standard of business ethics.

Enable Learning Organization
Full eagerness to keep learning, be positive and open to any ideas.

Communicate, coordinate and work together to create synergy to achieve the company's goal.

Work with honest and respectful based on company's values.

Create Added Value
Continuosly focus to improve productivity and efficiency, keep searching for ways to add value and differentiate our products from the competitors.