Milan Ceramics Gallery Hayam Wuruk Officialy Open Its Door


Milan Tiles (PT Saranagriya Lestari Keramik), in collaboration with other companies under Wings Group’s Building Material Division, M-Class Glazed ceramic roof tiles (PT M-Class Industry), Elephant Gypsum board (PT Siam-Indo Gypsum Industry), Woodplank Elephant fibre cement board (PT Siam-Indo Concrete Products) celebrated the Grand Opening of their fourth gallery in Indonesia.

The event was officially opened with the speech from Chandra Alifen, President Director of PT M-Class Industry, PT Siam-Indo Gypsum Industry, and PT Siam-Indo Concrete Products and ribbon cutting as the inaguration by Chandra Alifen; Erlin Tanoyo, Managing Director of PT Saranagriya Lestari Keramik; and Chumpol Kositsupapong, Marketing Director PT Siam-Indo Gypsum Industry and PT Siam-Indo Concrete Products.

Earlier at the Press Conference, Susan Anindita, Product Manager of PT Saranagriya Lestari Keramik presented the new gallery, Heryanto Oong Wijaya, Marketing Manager of PT Siam-Indo Concrete Products; Sutanto, Projet Manager PT Siam-Indo Gypsum Industry; Rio Paulus, Marketing Supervisor PT M-Class Industry; and Jamin Amdjah, Sales Manager of PT Sayap Mas Utama were giving insight of the gallery and the products that were displayed inside.

The gallery  that is called Milan Ceramics Gallery Hayam Wuruk for its location, Jalan Hayam Wuruk No 77 Jakarta, showcase many variants of ceramics in a modern interior style. The gallery is expected to bring inspiration and solution for people to create a better home living.