New Year. New Look.

There is nothing like the start of a new year to kick yourself into gear and make changes that last. We’re not talking about resolution. We’re talking about investing some effort toward a brighter, fresher and more peaceful home. 

Here are the top three inspiring room plus tile option for taking them to a new level.

1.   This living room has the best of both worlds: light colors and greenery make it easy on the eyes, while a fluffy rug and blankets aplenty make you want to curl up here. Create it with Habitat’s MAKASSAR EBANO 30.60 and a hint of pattern from Habitat’s COLONIAL 25.50.

2.   But maybe you're into more color; this bedroom is everything. Lots of white plus bright colors,and heaps of cushions and blankets to sink into. Cover the floor with our washed wood type Habitat’s TIMBER CREMA 30.60 and little taste of bright Habitat’s FLORA BLUE 25.50.

3.   You'll want to maximise daylight in the rainytime: long, sheer white curtains help in this room, while the bed is piled high with cozy textures. Put the small dose of warm with Habitat’s LINEA CHERRY 25.50 and showering with Habitat’s CLAIRE WHITE 25.50 to maximise daylight.