February I'm In Love

We believe that a lovable rooms consist of nice bright colour, playful pattern, and right texture. And our tiles have them all. This February, is the right moment to boost the FLOWERY pattern in passionate red, a glamorous gold and a subtle pink colours. 


Passionate Red


No one can resist to not fall in love with this intricate flowery mural. Thanks to its mosaic details, so it's already make a statement without many furniture.

Try our FIORENZA RED 25x50 mixed with FIRELLI RED 25x50.

image courtesy of Wall Flora Shop


Glamorous Gold


What is more glamorous than gold? This golden rose flowers is perfect to represent the beauty in a bold way.

Pair our BELLEZZA GOLD 25x50 with basic ANDARA BLACK 25x50.

image courtesy of Color Junkie


Subtle Pink


If pink is your valentine colour then Shabby Chic mood will suit you. The subtle and ultra feminine character always works to create spacious space.

Our SCARLET PINK 25x50 is best paired with its INSERTO SCARLET PINK 25x50.

image courtesy of Home My Design